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3 Habits Of Successful People at All Stages of Life

This article was last updated on March 14, 2022

Success never comes the easy way; if it did, all of us would have achieved it by now. When we look at successful people it often makes us wonder what their roadmap to success really is. Is it sheer luck, intelligence or are they born with a silver spoon?

What is success? My answer may be different from yours. But in general, success is being the best in your field and achieving your goals. When we take a closer look at the lives of successful people, we find many similarities between them. They are passionate, driven and honest individuals who love their work and know how to take full control of their lives.

Some traits that all successful people share are;

3 Habits Of Successful People at All Stages of Life

They follow a healthy lifestyle:

Successful people are very wise and calculative in how they treat their bodies and minds. They have a healthy lifestyle and know the value of their health. Some of their good habits are;

  • Early birds. The key to success is following the rules of nature. Wise people take the hint and do so. They make the best use of their time by waking up early. This gives them an added advantage; by the time they step out of their house, they’ve already achieved many of their most important tasks of the day compared others who are still either in bed or just getting up. Early risers go to bed early too, which is another healthy habit. Going to bed early lets you sleep soundly for a longer time span which ensures a sharper mind.
  • Morning exercise. The second healthy habit seen in successful people is their inclination towards morning exercise. Although many people go to the gym or work out in the evening due to their busy morning schedule, yet the importance and benefits of morning exercise cannot be overlooked. Studies show exercise boosts productivity by as much as two hours. Getting out of bed early is a prerequisite to make morning exercise possible. Morning walk, run, swim or yoga in the open air gives fresh supply of oxygen to the body which improves blood circulation and gears up the mind for the day ahead. In short, exercises make you smarter and fitter. Morning exercise also burns away unwanted fats and a person feels hungry for a good breakfast.
  • Healthy eating: Successful people are aware of the benefits of healthy eating and how it affects one’s mind and body. This makes them extra particular about eating the right things at the right time. They do not skip meals and opt for organic and healthy food choices.

Successful people have a busy work life, and they often get stressed out. In times like these, they need something to relax their minds and give energy to the bodies. Instead of getting comfort through cigarettes and alcohol, they make smart choices and choose quick snacks like an apple or a cup of herbal tea. It both fulfils their need for a snack and rejuvenates their body and mind.

They are in control of their lives:

Another good habit observed in successful people is that they have complete control over their lives. The biggest advantage of this is that they know which direction to steer their life towards. This is how they control their day-to-day lives:

  • Fixed schedules:  These people have fixed time schedules for everything and they seldom make changes to their scheduled activities. This helps them complete the maximum number of tasks in a given time period and they rarely lag behind. They use softwares to track time spent by them on each task of the day, and it also helps minimize time wastage. All of this gives them a clear insight into their daily lives and they can easily figure out if they are neglecting any part of their lives. This habit of organization is not limited to their professional lives, but they are also organized in their personal life.

Since being organized is like second nature to them, they plan things way ahead of time. This gives them enough time to re-plan things in case of any unforeseen events.

  • Prioritize:  these people are quick in taking decisions and know how to manage their priorities. If there is demand at work, their top most priority becomes their work. In times when they are needed by their friends and family, they know how to make themselves available for their loved ones.
  • They take out time for themselves: it is very important to have personal time and space. Successful people know the importance of this and make sure to take time out for themselves. They spend this time doing things that relaxes them and makes them happy.

They go on vacations every year and enjoy new adventures, make new friends and so on.

One such noticeable trend in these successful people is their keenness to practice yoga and meditation. There is no denying the fact that yoga affects the mind and body in a positive manner and increases a person’s ability to focus. This has increased the number of yoga fans well over the years and a lot of people are frequenting yoga retreats for vacations in order to relax and get an energy boost.

  • They help others:  another great habit common to all successful people is that they help others. Whether it is helping by being a mentor to someone or lending help as a volunteer, they never stop.

These people give to charities as well. They believe in distributing happiness in order to get it  back many times over. Tom Corley, author of Wealthy Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, states that 73% of the 233 wealthy people he studied for 5 years volunteer 5+ hours a month.

They never quit:

One of the best habits of successful people is they don’t quit. Whether it is acquiring knowledge or starting off again on a failed business idea, these people are too stubborn to call it quits.

  • Read a lot: One major benefit of reading a lot is that these people never stop learning. It is this thirst for knowledge that keeps them going on the path to success.

Mark Cuban reads a lot and so does Bill Gates. They read as much as three hours a day. Other big and successful names who are/were fond of books are, President Obama, J.K.Rowling and Albert Einstein. Reading opens up the mind and gets the creative flow of ideas going.

Do not give up:  being stubborn is not always wrong. It is good to be stubborn when it is right to be so and that’s what these people do. They don’t believe in giving up and play stubborn when times get tough. This is what enables them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start over again.

Being successful is not impossible. Small changes in daily habits and lifestyle can bring great changes in our lives.

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