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How to enjoy life during its downfalls

How many of you have experienced a horrible day, week or even an entire month? Doesn’t it feel like this phase is going to last an eternity? I too have experienced such downfalls in my life and they have lasted entirely too long.  For some time I dreamed of a life that was always positive and happy.

However, experience has taught me that negative things will happen from time to time and I am glad that is the case. Sounds strange? The reason I have accepted this fact of life is because of the realization that these situations are the only real teachers of life. Here is another article to keep you motivated and going strong.

Horrible moments, like the loss of a beloved, a break up, getting fired and  car crash among other things, can always turn a good day into a giant black-hole without a way out.

I am sure that we all have experienced them at least once in our life, but not all of us have been able to see the light that is hidden at the end of the tunnel.

That is  because we haven’t given ourselves a chance to understand why those things happened to us in particular. Instead we concentrated on playing the victim. Life throws daily lessons your way and you must learn to embrace them. Every new situation and person you meet are  potential downfalls of life. That should not scare you, but rather make you stronger.

If you really want to have the opportunity to face every bad situation with the most positive energy please keep reading, because thees tips have saved me many tears and pain throughout the years.

Here is how to enjoy life during its downfalls:

1. Stay calm and try to think clear and open-minded

How many times have you ever lost your mind thinking about how bad a situation is instead of trying to solve it or at least take responsibility? I know it sounds too familiar to change, but if you take a deep breath, analyze the situation and embrace your emotions you will be at peace with yourself. Therefore, your ability to resolve the issue will increase.

2. Accept the situation

We are not superheros and therefore we cannot turn off our emotions. We will experience pain and sadness. Instead of aiming to change this fact of life, we must embrace it. We will only be happy when we stop asking the question: “Why do good things happen to bad people?” Once we recognize that we are not alone in this reality we will began to deal with the emotions. Let yourself feel the way you do. Truly acknowledge your own feelings, because crying it out is always better than suppressing your emotions.

3. Do not blame others for your mistakes

Take responsibility for your actions! I am not saying that it will always be your fault, but a relationship or an event is always a cause and effect notion, so examine your connection to what is happening. In this way you will avoid committing the same mistake twice. Remember, making a mistake once is a lesson, twice is an option.

4. Stop complaining about the situation

Be a phoenix rising from the ashes.  Take the mature route and stop whining about your unhappiness. Finding ways to be motivated is always more productive than just sitting around and repeating the same damn thing over and over again.

5. Give yourself a break from everything

Take a day off from your life, responsibilities and worries and find a way to distract yourself from your problems. Do yoga, go for a joy ride or even meditate. Here are a few reasons yoga is great for the mind and body.  Enjoy a nice meal or drink out with friends and simply live in the moment.  These  kind of activities give you an opportunity to open your mind and soul and allow them to truly become one.

At the end of the day take a deep breath, smile and count your blessings. I am sure that this will help you bring a pair of fresh eyes to the situation. Here are some suggestions from highly successful people on dealing with negative emotions.

If you give yourself and opportunity to try the previous recommendations you will notice an immediate change in your ability to enjoy life during its downfalls. You will notice a different perspective of the problem and little by little, you will understand that everything happens with a purpose. Furthermore, you will understand that with every punch, life is teaching  you a lesson in order to make you a well-rounded individual.

Here are a few other ways to stay motivated and enjoy life during its downfalls.


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