learning these hard lessons will make you more successful

Learning Тhese Hard Lessons Will Make You More Successful

Everyone strives to one day become successful, and along the way you must face many hardships, because as you know, failure is a part of reaching the next level. What makes those that become successful different from those that don’t is all in how they perceive their failure.

The mind is a great weapon, but tends to lean more towards that which is negative. So you can do like the person no one remembers and make up reasons as to why things never happened for you, or use that pain to help you get to where you need to.

It’s one thing to want to be successful and be motivated about what you are going after, but your mind must be resilient to the pain that will come your way. Or as Napoleon Hill puts it, adopting the proper mindset. the right attitude to keep you going.

Success is not the greatest teacher you can have. You may feel down, depressed and just plain want to quit when you fail, but the best teacher is actually failure. You can look at it in two ways: one, you failed and are a failure and should never try again or Two:  you didn’t fail, you just learned what doesn’t work.

The second option is a lesson, because failure is never final unless you get knocked down and choose to remain there wallowing in the dirt.

Learning these hard lessons will make you more successful

Getting started

I was probably about 17 when I stood on the edge of the community pool and watched a 10 year old do front and backflips off the high dive. I wondered how someone so young could do that and here I was afraid to even jump off the damn thing.

A lot of things you want in life will be like that. watching someone else do it is always easy, but getting started never is. Fear may mean false expectations appearing real but sometimes it can paralyze you. But what you must know is that no one is without fear and I mean no one. Those that jump in know they are afraid, but the more you step towards fear. the more willing you are to become uncomfortable and the easier it will become.

Whatever you want to do in life. Talking to a girl, starting a blog, investing 20k into something. It will always be scary and the fear will always be there.  The longer you wait the more time you will waste when you could have been a year in.

Getting started is always difficult, you can always crawl first, just as long as you are moving forward.

Time can’t be rushed

I know many of you reading this have ran across an article that says the journey is the reward, or the journey was what was worth it.

I agree with that, but when you are in the midst of things it’s a bit hard to believe. Don’t go into whatever it is you want to go after and expect it to come to you in no time. Even starting a blog can take 6m-10years before ever truly becoming successful.

If what you are perusing takes no time at all to achieve, it either means you didn’t aim high enough or it just wasn’t worth it.

“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.” – Les Brown

The more time you put into getting something the sweeter it is when you finally get it. The bigger the reward and the better the lessons. Remember all good takes time, so don’t rush what will come to you regardless.

Losing those close to you is a must

Those that grow their mind from what they once were, know it is harder to fit in with the ones they used to be around.

You must surround yourself with the right type of people. I suffer from depression, which means anyone that is negative we no longer talk, but that is just an example. If the people around you bring you no value, if they do nothing but bring your goals and dreams down why be around them.

Time is of the optimist importance and wasting it with people who belittle you is disrespectful to the person you’re supposed to be.

Change is a good thing, but weak minded people get upset when you change to better yourself. No one stays the same and really you are not changing, you are becoming the person you were meant to be, so be proud and embrace it.

“some people are in your life for a reason others are in your life for a season” – Tyrese Gibson

Skipping breakfast is a bad move

I am a night owl. I’m up at night and sleeping for the breakfast part of the day, which means I like my mice at night.

After 5 years, I learn that skipping breakfast probably isn’t the best way to go. You miss out on necessary nutrients that’s supposed to get your day started right. Skipping breakfast, your body will try to cope for it at night and eating at night is a great way to put on that entrepreneur weight.

When you skip breakfast, your day starts off sluggish and you’ll tend to burn out quicker than someone who gets their proper nutrients.

this may not seem like a hard lesson to learn, but if you want to last longer, keep weight balance and keep stress levels low, eat your breakfast in the morning.

20 hour days are worthless

Anyone can appear busy. If you worked a 9 to 5 you would know that. You come in, you work hard, but Jim gets the damn promotion. You can’t understand it. You work harder than Jim does, as a matter a fact Jim doesn’t do anything. So you decide to ask him what it is he is doing that you are not and he tells you “oh.” “I just pretend to be busy when the manager passes by.”

Although that may get him a promotion, he will never truly be success and soon enough it will catch up to him.

I give that example because you all hear about the entrepreneur who sleeps only 3 hours a day and is still successful. But honestly 20 hours of work is worthless when all you are doing is grunt work. Non-important work that can either be outsourced or brings no value to you or your company.

So, if you are currently putting in 20 hours a day, re-evaluate yourself and ask if you are getting things done, or feel good because it feels like you are doing work.

Support is hard to come by

I’ve been through a lot and if anyone, even my family said they knew me they would be very bad liars or just completely confused. I had to learn the hard way that not everyone will support you.

My family called ma a dog and a bum, because I woke up and hop on my laptop and never got off till it was time to go to sleep. they said I didn’t have a job. people I thought I could count on stopped talking to me.

A lot of people will toss nothing but negativity your way. Most because they are tossing it at themselves others because you are doing something and they are not.

This is called the crab trap. That’s when you set a trap and manage to catch multiple crabs. When the bait is no more one will try to escape, but the others won’t let it.

People want to see you do good, but not better than them.

Something to remember is that whatever it is that you fear doing, it’s in the mind.  The future is unknown and the unknown scares many of us. Just as death scares many, though it is the end goal.

Some things just can’t be controlled. But you are not totally helpless, because you can control how you feel about it. How you react and what to do next.

Don’t try and get permission from others for what it is that you want in life. Go after it, or you will look back one day and regret that you didn’t take any steps or made any effort towards your dreams and goals.

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