Can Zilliqa Reach $1: A Realistic Look At Things

This article was last updated on June 10, 2022

Zilliqa recently saw a surge in adoption and price, pushing it back within the top 70 cryptocurrencies by market cap. With a current price of around $0.13, many are wondering whether it is going to grow. And more importantly, is there any chance Zilliqa can reach $1. In this extensive article, we will be exploring the fundamentals of the network and come to a conclusion.

If you are new to the crypto world, we strongly suggest going through our “Crypto for Beginners” article, which will help you understand the industry better.

The reason why it saw a nearly 270% increase in price is because of its metaverse project – Metapolis. Once the news hit, investors immediately began accumulating ZIL. However, this is only part of the reason we are seeing Zilliqa get some spotlight.

Below, you will also find guides on how to become an owner of ZIL, if you think the project is worth investing in. Let’s not waste any more time and see what the Zilliqa ecosystem is all about.

How To Buy Zilliqa (ZIL) – Summary

Follow these simple steps to purchase Zilliqa (ZIL):

  1. Find a crypto exchange (CEX) that offers Zilliqa (ZIL).
  2. Create an account with the crypto exchange.
  3. Add funds to the account.
  4. Search for Zilliqa (ZIL) & buy it.
  5. (Optional) Transfer Zilliqa (ZIL) to an external crypto wallet.

Further down below, you will find our extensive guides on how to buy Zilliqa.

What Is Zilliqa (ZIL) & How It Works

Zilliqa is a public and permissionless blockchain, that aims to enable high throughput. Essentially, they are looking to take the possible transactions per second of crypto networks to the next level. This is accompanied by their goal to solve the crypto trilemma (decentralized, scalable, and secure). The developers believe the best way is to integrate sharding as a Layer 2 scaling solution.

The ecosystem also claims to be the first one of its kind, relying entirely on a sharded network of machines. This is what makes the high transactions per second (tps) a possibility. Currently, the network supports up to 2550 tps, although the stress test came out with results of over 10.000 tps. Overall, in terms of tps, the network is quite promising.

What is interesting is that as the nodes on the network keep growing, so will the tps, so there is no limit to what is possible. Furthermore, transactions are not slowed down, because once processed, they are immediately recorded on the blockchain.

The network hosts many dApps (Decentralized Applications), allowing developers to experiment and test their software.

As for business goals, Zilliqa wants to see adoption by major enterprises in the fields of entertainment, marketing, managing, gaming, financial services, payments, and more. In a section of the whitepaper, Zilliqa states its ambition to become a rival of MasterCard and VISA.

Last year, Zilliqa supposedly made millions of transactions on average, every single month. The production of blocks also dramatically increased from around 950 blocks a day to now 2600.

ZIL Token Utility

The native token of Zilliqa is called ZIL. You can use it to process transactions, pay for fees, execute smart contracts, and staking. Aside from that, the token is also a form of reward for miners, who provide resources that allow the network to operate.

We believe that during the upcoming years if the token gets even more utility, it will help Zilliqa come close to or even reach $1.

With the growing popularity of ZIL, major crypto exchange platforms are listing the token, allowing for further adoption.

Also, there are some concerns regarding centralization, since both the company and the founders own a significant amount of the supply.

How Can Zilliqa (ZIL) Reach $1

Now that we know about the ecosystem and the token, we will move on to the most important part of this article. Let’s say Zilliqa is going to reach $1, hypothetically. The question is, how will that happen? What are the catalysts that will allow Zilliqa to reach that price evaluation? This is exactly what we will be exploring in this section.

The best way for a cryptocurrency to become highly adopted is for it to offer a lot of utility. This is the reason we are seeing unique and powerful ecosystems in the top tokens by market cap.


ZilPay is the official crypto wallet of Zilliqa. The website states it is part of “Web3” in terms of security, decentralization, and uses. Once you download the application for your mobile device or the Chrome extension, you will have access to all of its current features.

This includes buying, sending, swapping, and staking tokens, as well as having access to all dApps part of the ecosystem.

It also introduces interoperability, allowing you to make payments to anyone, while also offering the ability to import accounts from external wallets within the blockchain.

Essentially, the wallet will act as the mediator between the user and the whole Zilliqa ecosystem as it is quite functional.

Zilliqa Metaverse – Metapolis

Zilliqa seems to be working on a Metaverse project, which is also the reason for the surge in popularity recently. However, at the moment, we have little information about it. It is supposedly going to be a metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. The official VIP preview of the service was on the 2nd of April, in Miami. There is no release date or any news/statements. We will keep you updated if anything new comes up.

The reason why this update is important is that the Metaverse is becoming increasingly popular, which can potentially work as a catalyst in Zilliqa’s favor, depending on what the project does.


dApps are probably the strongest point of Zilliqa. The network is already a host of over 150+ dApps, which have quite some utility. There are all sorts of functional applications that cover many fields. This includes exchange, Web3, NFT, education, payments, Metaverse, mining, and many others.

Click here to see all other sorts of dApps Zilliqa has to offer.

The reason why dApps are so important nowadays is that they are going to be the base for what many call Web3. These are also quite useful and helpful. They make ecosystems rich in terms of utility, which is a great attraction for users.

NFT Marketplaces

Zilliqa currently hosts more than five NFT marketplaces which are becoming more and more popular. Of course, the only way to purchase any of the NFTs they offer is by using ZIL as a payment currency.

Expansion in the direction of NFTs is also a good choice for all crypto ecosystems. Naturally, developers want to be involved with anything that has to do with crypto, trends, and usage of crypto assets by users. This is definitely something that the developers need to keep working on if we want to see the price of Zilliqa reach $1.

Part of the NFT sector of Zilliqa is ZilWall. This is a creative project similar to r/Place by Reddit. ZilWall is a creative space where any user can join and draw inside a canvas within the blockchain.


In the upcoming projects for the 2022 blogpost, Zilliqa developers stated that they are looking to tap into the world of gaming. They already have a partnership with one of the biggest eSports teams – Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP).

Additionally, Zilliqa has a Battle Royale server in Minecraft, which rewards players with crypto for winning. You can check their official server website for more information.

Price History & ATH

The launch of ZIL was made official in late January of 2018. The project immediately hit the spotlight, so it saw a price evaluation of $0.20 within the first 4 months after launch. That is quite high, considering it started off at $0.10.

However, in the following months, ZIL saw an enormous crash, dropping down to less than a cent. To be more precise, it kept moving sideways for about 2 years at a price of $0.005-$0.009.

ZIL came back to life in 2021, going from less than $0.01 to nearly $0.24, which is a 25x increase. This is also the token’s all-time high. Ever since April 2021, ZIL went on a bear run until the end of the year, finishing off with a price evaluation of about $0.07.

As 2022 began, the price just kept going down up until late March, when it rose back to $0.22, proving Zilliqa is still safe and sound.

At the moment, the price of ZIL is around $0.048. This is quite far away from Zilliqa reaching $1, but as with everything within the crypto world, anything can happen.

Should You Invest In Zilliqa (ZIL)

Although it is important to know if can Zilliqa reaches $1 and how it’s going to do it, there is something of even higher importance. That is whether or not Zilliqa is worth investing in. Although the network offers a lot of utility and promises to add more, there are some things that are currently missing (refer to the Pros & Cons section below).

  • Supports dApps & Smart Contracts
  • Solid Development Team
  • High Number of TPS
  • No Roadmap Update 2022
  • Not Enough Marketing
  • Amrit Kumar (Co-founder, CSO & Face Of Zilliqa) Stepped Away From The Project

We went through all the catalysts Zilliqa has that will help it reach $1. However, the price evaluation of the project’s been quite inconsistent. This does not reflect the usefulness of Zilliqa, but it can be a good indicator of how good the marketing behind the project is. One thing that owners of ZIL share in common are their negative view of the lack of advertising for the project.

However, if the team behind the project can clean this up, there is no reason why it won’t keep growing. We can definitely see Zilliqa expand in the future and see even more adoption. But the most important question you must ask yourself when deciding whether to invest in Zilliqa or not is: Do you believe in the project?

If the answer is “no”, you can still be objective regarding its growth and investment, but this is a method experienced investors avoid. This also brings a type of stress regarding the chances of success. If you do believe in the project, this thought simply goes away, because you sense that the project is going to develop even if not immediately.

In conclusion, although we see the potential of the project, you must do some additional research and see if the project resonates with you. This will help you decide whether to invest in it or not.

How To Buy Zilliqa (ZIL) – In-depth

You can follow the steps in this extensive guide to become an owner of Zilliqa on any crypto exchange that offers the token. Although extensive, we made sure to keep things simple and easy to understand. Without further ado, let us guide you through:

  1. Find a crypto exchange that offers Zilliqa (ZIL) – This one is actually quite easy, simply because Zilliqa is a cryptocurrency that is quickly taking the spotlight. Currently, the biggest CEXs that offer Zilliqa (ZIL) are Binance, KuCoin, Bithumb, Huobi Global,, and others.
  2. Create an account with the CEX – Once you decide on a CEX, you will need to create an account. Most of the abovementioned platforms made sure to make the process easy even for people new to the crypto market. However, all of these CEXs need you to verify your identity before you can trade. This includes sending them photos of your ID or other documents, and even a selfie. The process can take up to a couple of business days.
  3. Fund your account – Now that your identity’s been verified, you will need to attach your card details to your account. This is the preferable step, as it will allow you to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies in a swift and easy way. However, if you prefer, you can also purchase crypto directly, without adding any funds beforehand.
  4. Buy Zilliqa (ZIL) – Search for Zilliqa on the platform of choice. Now you must either choose how much Zilliqa you wish to purchase, or how much fiat you wish to exchange for Zilliqa. Following that, just confirm the amount and the transaction, and you are now an owner of ZIL.
  5. (Optional) Transfer ZIL to an external crypto wallet – Although most CEXs have integrated wallets, they are not entirely private. If the platform decides, they can freeze your account for whatever reason. For this reason, many prefer purchasing tokens through these platforms, but then instead of keeping them there, they transfer them to external crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Exodus, Trust Wallet, Trezor, etc.

How To Buy Zilliqa (ZIL) – Binance

If you want to buy Zilliqa through Binance, we will show you exactly how to do that. Follow these simple steps to become an owner of ZIL on the biggest crypto exchange platform.

  1. Create a Binance account – This one is quite easy. Just download the Binance app on your mobile device and follow the instructions to create an account. Following that, you will need to provide Binance with proof of identity, including documents and a selfie. It will take no more than 5 business days for Binance to approve your account.
  2. Add card details and fund account – Once your account’s been approved, you can go on and add your card details. Doing that will allow you to add funds to your account’s balance, or directly purchase Zilliqa. However, we suggest adding funds beforehand, because it takes less time for the transaction to be completed, in comparison to purchasing the token directly.
  3. Search for Zilliqa and purchase – Open the Binance app and use the search bar to look for Zilliqa. Clicking on it will open a new tab. Here, you can either select how much cash you wish to exchange for Zilliqa, or how many Zilliqa tokens you want to buy. If you want to save some of your Binance account’s balance, then you can simply choose to exchange a lower amount of fiat for Zilliqa, or vice-versa.
  4. Confirm the transaction – After you decide how much ZIL you’re going to purchase, make sure to act swiftly, because Binance allows for 5 seconds to confirm the transaction, so it can keep unnecessary slippage to a minimum. However, do not worry if you miss the 5 seconds, you can do the whole process again, although the price of ZIL will most likely be a bit different.


There are many crypto networks that reach the spotlight for a moment, but we never hear from them again after some time. We believe that Zilliqa is definitely not one of these projects. It simply offers too much utility and is quite unique. Although it reminds many of networks such as Ethereum, Solana, and others, it does develop at its own pace.

Furthermore, we actually think that it is far ahead of some popular projects, but people have yet to see that. This is where one of the few problems arise for Zilliqa – the lack of adequate marketing. Once the team starts working on that, we can see Zilliqa grow exponentially.

Going back to the main idea of the article, we believe Zilliqa is going to reach $1. However, this is probably not going to happen within the next year. The better possibility is if we give it 3-4 years’ time for the network to develop and for crypto to be adopted by even more people. Once that happens, we will most likely see ZIL going for more than $1 at some point.

If you do believe in the project, feel free to invest and add it to your portfolio. We delivered all the needed steps for you to become an owner of ZIL. On top of that, it is quite easy. Nevertheless, make sure to do your own research, as this is not financial advice.

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