20 Best Business Writing Tools for Entrepreneurs

20 Best Business Writing Tools Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Know About

This article was last updated on December 31, 2015

Entrepreneurs are rarely concerned about developing strong writing skills. They are always focused on making their companies successful, but most of them don’t realize how important their written expression is in that aspect. The world of business is dependent upon communication via email, but the online marketing strategies are also closely related to writing.

Bottom line, all entrepreneurs should work on their business writing skills. In the continuation, you’ll find a list of 20 tools that will support you on that journey.

20 Best Business Writing Tools Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Know About


  • Teamstory – Before you start writing for the sake of your business, you need to connect with other entrepreneurs and analyze their strategies. Teamstory is a social network for startups. Thanks to the community spirit, you’ll start seeing your competition as support.


  • NinjaEssays – Sometimes you simply don’t have time or will to write an important business report or content that’s supposed to be published online. NinjaEssays can save you in such situations. This is a custom-writing agency that can complete any type of written project you need. The best part is that the writers are open for collaboration, so you’ll learn a thing or two from the way they approach the writing process.


  • SensorTower – You decided to launch an iOS app for your business? That’s a smart move! Now you’ll have to write a great description that will attract people to install it. SensorTower will help you discover the right keywords that will list your app among the top search results in the App Store. You can use this tool to track the ranking of your keywords, but you can also check the keywords of your competitors.     


  • SocialRank – Have you ever realized that the description you put under your Instagram photos is actually important? SocialRank will help you improve this part of your marketing campaign by enabling you to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Instagram and Twitter. You can analyze the posts and tweets your followers are sharing, so you’ll know how to attract them with your own updates.  


  • Kindling – The innovation process didn’t seize when you got the idea for your business. You’ll have to rely on creativity on a daily basis if you want to improve your business writing skills. Kindling is innovation and idea management software that teams use to solve problems, discuss different ideas, and realize opportunities. This dashboard enables you to share ideas for content creation with your team, and join forces to achieve the best results.


  • Mention – You work hard on the website, blog, and social media profiles of your business, but how can you measure the results? Mention will give you the insights. The tool enables you to find out what people are saying about your business on the web. When you see negative comments, you’ll be able to react quickly. If, on the other hand, you see something positive, you’ll communicate with the audience and improve your products/services according to their preference.


  • Over – Business writing is not only about reports and articles. It also involves creating appealing content that will attract the attention of your online audience. Visual stimuli are always effective. Use Over to create great text overlays and write insightful comments on your images.


  • Comindware Project – This project management tool enables you to plan and manage the projects for your business in the most effective manner. The tool is collaborative, so you can use it to work on online articles, business reports, presentations, and other types of content together with your team. Comindware will help you maximize the team’s productivity and meet all deadlines.


  • Yanado – If your email inbox is messy, you’ll never achieve high levels of productivity. The way towards writing better email messages starts with organizing. Yanado will help you turn your Gmail inbox into a business dashboard for writing and responding to messages. Your inbox will also serve as a task management tool, so you won’t need a separate task for creating business tasks.


  • Help.Plagtracker – If the content you publish online features plagiarism, it will be more harmful than helpful. Help.Plagtracker provides writing consulting services that will lead you towards 100% unique content tailored in accordance to the needs of your business. You can also get editing assistance for the pieces you’ve already written.


  • Pop.co – It’s important to launch a website for the app you made available for mobile users. You don’t need advanced programming skills for that; you can instantly get complete web presence on the domain of your choice if you use Pop.co.


  • Klear – Thanks to this social intelligence platform, you can monitor the activities of your competitors, find the top influencers in your niches and build productive connections. Kelar also provides competitive analysis. When you see what worked for your competition, you’ll be able to create content that will beat their rankings.


  • Visme – With this awesome software, you can create the coolest presentations, infographics, product demos, reports, resumes, and other types of content that add a cool visual element to the text you write. Visme enables you to present information in a much more appealing form.


  • Product HuntProduct Hunt is a great community of entrepreneurs, who are always willing to share their tips and experiences. When you understand how these innovators and thinkers function, you’ll learn from their practices and get ideas for new pieces of online content.


  • Foster.fm – Let’s get realistic: you won’t be able to establish strong online presence solely by publishing your own content. If you wrote something every day, you wouldn’t have time for your business at all. That’s why you need to discover content that’s relevant to the interests of your audience, and share it with them via social media networks. You’ll get tons of likes and shares, as well as comments that will spark a nice discussion with Foster.fm.


  • Canva – This simple program will turn you into a designer even though you have no previous experience in that area. You can use Canva to create blog graphics, posters, Facebook covers, presentations, and other types of visual content that will add appeal to your words. You can create great business presentations will Canva!


  • Sendible – Tweets, Facebook statuses, and Instagram photo descriptions are important parts of business writing. When you maintain profiles on several social media networks, you’ll have to invest more time than you have. That doesn’t have to be the case when you use Sendible – software that enables you to schedule messages and manage your profiles from a single dashboard.


  • MailChimp – This email marketing tool has achieved huge popularity among entrepreneurs for a good reason: it allows them to send targeted emails that are founded upon segmented lists. You’ll also get insights about your subscribers. The subscriber profiles hold important information; all you need to do is click someone’s name to see their website activity and engagement.


  • Mass Planner – You thought of a cool tweet and you wrote it on the go. It would be great to post it on other social media platforms too, since you don’t have the same audience everywhere. However, typing the same message all over again is not your idea of being productive, is it? No worries; you can use Mass Planner to schedule all updates on several social media websites.


  • Brand24 – Here is another tool that gives you the information you need the most: what people are saying about your brand on social media. With Brand24 You’ll get email notifications about social insights in real time, so you’ll be able to assess the situation and take proper action on time.

Are you ready to boost the online presence of your brand and improve your email communication skills thanks to business writing? Start exploring the tools listed above!

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