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15 Things You Will Learn From The Tony Robbins Firewalk

This article was last updated on March 14, 2022

If you’ve heard about people doing the Tony Robbins firewalk, you may be wondering what they get out of it. There are almost limitless answers to this question, but here are 15 important things you will learn from the Tony Robbins firewalk.

15 Things You Will Learn From The Tony Robbins Firewalk

How to overcome your fears

Think about it: the idea of walking over hot coals, of touching fire, inspires fear. This is a deep-seated fear we are all born with. Yet when you find that you are able to easily walk across the fiery coals, you realize a critical truth: If you can overcome a fundamental fear put in place by your psyche to keep you safe, you can overcome all of your fears. Day-to-day fears melt away in this realization.

How not to settle for less

The firewalk happens quickly, that it may seem dreamlike or that it didn’t really happen. That is, until you reflect on your experience as you rinse your feet. You realize that although your feet are not burned, the memory itself is burned into your mind — the change that occurs is internal. This lesson in inner strength teaches us that we have the power to create exactly what we want. There is no reason to settle, and no excuse, either.

How to create positivity using your own negative feelings

We always think of fear as a negative emotion, but we can put fear to use. Negativity, on the other hand, doesn’t serve us at all. The profoundly positive set of feelings and memories people get from doing the Tony Robbins firewalk is proof that you can trade in your negative feelings for something wonderful.

How much reward can come from studied risk-taking

Taking studied risks and making the most of chances is part of life, just as much as the natural fear of change and risk-taking is. The firewalk teaches you to make mindful decisions to take risks, prepare yourself to succeed and execute your studied risk-taking strategy for excellent results. Your rewards from your smart risk-taking retrain your thinking so that the bad results from past risks can be overwritten in your mind.

You are what is holding you back

The Tony Robbins firewalk has never really been “about” walking on fire. It is about finding out what is holding you back. This challenge of the mind has attracted celebrities like Oprah.

If you really knew what was keeping you from doing what you want to do and being who you want to be, would you take action? Firewalking teaches you to deepen and expand your quality of life by pushing past your fear. Once this simple metaphor shows you how you have been holding yourself back, the rest is easy.

How primal feelings shape modern behaviors

What roles do our primal fears from the cave-dwelling days intrude into our modern decision-making processes? A lot. Mastering your innate fear of fire helps you see how many vestigial barriers are present in your mind. Shedding primal thinking that doesn’t empower you allows you to face only the fears and choices that are before you right now.

How freeing it can be to break away from patterns

Imagine how it would feel to effortlessly drop your old patterns that are impeding your progress as a person, a spouse, an entrepreneur, a parent, a friend. Think of how freeing that feeling would be. You wouldn’t be a different person; instead, you’d be the very best version of your authentic self. This kind of pattern-breaking is another wonderful lesson from the Tony Robbins firewalk.

The power of the peak state

Much of Tony’s work involves teaching people how to put themselves into a peak state. The peak state is your portal to peak performance, peak happiness and other amazing achievements. There’s no question that learning to shift into peak state at will takes practice. But one of the best ways to teach your mind to do this is by doing the Tony Robbins firewalk. To make it across the coals, you are forced to enter your own peak state while the loving, energetic people around you, who are taking the same journey, help you get there.

The power of your inner dialogue

You have the power to tell yourself what will happen. Each personal breakthrough you experience in life will be tied to changes in your beliefs. You may be sure you can’t do something, but when you undertake something that seems flat-out “impossible,” you open the door to replacing negative, disempowering beliefs with positive inner dialogue.

The power of absolute certainty

One of the most critical aspects of the firewalk is the state of self-assuredness and absolute certainty you must harness in order to succeed. This is the beneficial lesson of the firewalk: that absolute certainty when it comes to what matters — your own abilities and beliefs — is what propels you through the fire, over the wall and past your lingering doubts.

You are in control of your destiny

Tony calls the fire in the firewalk a metaphor for your life. You are in control of the physical and mental process of getting over the coals, just like you are in control of your own destiny. It’s one thing to tell yourself this and another entirely to make things happen and create your own outcomes. Taking the firewalk teaches you this lesson in a deeply meaningful way.

Changing your mind can change your results

You have probably had to work to change someone else’s mind many times. But have you ever considered how much work it can take to change your own mind? We are conditioned to “decide” things once and for all without revisiting our ideas, and this locks us into getting the same results we always have. As you focus on how you will get over the hot coals, you are actively pursuing the power to change your own mind and change your results.

The magic of the incantation

To get through the Tony Robbins firewalk, you use a very simple yet magically powerful incantation: “Cool moss.” Tony is a believer in the power of incantations. When you use the “cool moss” incantation to empower not only your mind but your voice and body as well to master the challenge of the hot coals, you are changing your state of mind, your emotional and mental filters that impact your outlook and, ultimately, what you can achieve.

Your life can change in an instant

It takes a matter of seconds to actually walk over the hot coals. You’ve spent hours all day long getting prepared, but the act itself is over in a moment. The amazing changes you feel after doing the firewalk last a lifetime, but they took place in the blink of an eye. The lesson here is that your life truly can change in an instant, for the better, in an intentionally chosen direction.

How to make your life better

The firewalking experience has helped many people. The ultimate lesson from the Tony Robbins firewalk? Simply that you have the power to make your life better, and you have the tools to do it. You will use the fire as a metaphor for whatever it is that is holding you back — and you will vanquish it. Once you know how to make your life better, you will continue to do it.

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