Author name: Alex Palmiere

About The Author: Alex Palmiere - I am a 20 year old college student going after my dream of being an entertainer. I have a lot to learn and look to learn as much as I can from everybody I encounter. I like to give off as much positivity as I can, for I believe it is the key to living a great life. You can find me on my website or follow me on twitter @Alex_Palmiere.

7 ways to Optimize Yourself for Success

The chase for success is a constant struggle. Success is often determined by one or two opportunities that you are presented with. If you do not capitalize on those opportunities then you may not get another chance. In order to capitalize on those opportunities you must be 100% committed to being prepared for when those …

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Win the battle against yourself!

The battle To win the battle against yourself, first, you need to understand what do you want most in your life? What can you not go a day without thinking about? Now you have to understand that the battle against yourself is the hardest battle. And you probably tell yourself that you can’t do it. …

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