Things You Should be Thankful For

15 Unexpected Things You Should be Thankful For in Life

This article was last updated on September 5, 2017

We all have our ups and downs in our life. Sometimes it is hard to see the positive. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and your problems seem endless and unsolvable. The easiest thing is to just admit defeat and accept your current state of down as a permanent reality. However, you should always look at the bright side and positives even when everything seems dark and gloom. There is an educational experience in everything and it all depends on your attitude and mindset. Here are 15 unexpected things to be grateful in life:

  1. Enemies:

Enemy is a strong word. In this context, it can stand for a bad neighbor or an annoying, overly competitive colleague. These people bug the hell of us on a daily basis, but we should still be thankful for having them in our lives. However, these are the people who push us to go that extra mile in mundane things we wouldn’t even think twice about. Your Christmas decoration is a bit nicer than it would be just because you want to impress and outdo your frenemy neighbor, but everyone around you two will benefit in the magic of amazing decorations and spirit of the holidays.

  1. Fewer people in your life:

If you have ever gone to a high school reunion you were probably glad to see all those familiar faces you have amazing memories with. Over the years your big social circle grew smaller and smaller. Now you are left with a small but tight circle of friends for life. Be thankful that you are surrounded by people who genuinely care for you and have your back no matter what!

  1. Bad relationships:

We have all had them. Bad relationships are like a rite of passage we all must go through at a certain point in life. They are extremely difficult to go trough and leave a bad mark on you when they are done. When they are done you need to hold on and take a minute to reflect. See what type harmful behavior you demonstrated and how avoid it in the future. You will also know how to recognize the signs of a potentially bad relationship and you will be able to avoid them.

  1. Sudden breakups:

One of the hardest things that can happen to you is for your significant other to break up with you when you weren’t expecting it at all. It is terrible to experience, but in retrospect, after some time has passed it will show you how strong of a person you can be in difficult times.

  1. Failure:

Every failure just means an opportunity for something new. You may have invested time and energy in an idea that is ultimately just not that good. Having an end to a project will open up your mind and time for new ones. Your next one could be brilliant!

  1. Sadness:

When you are sad it just means that you are an emotional being that is capable of caring. You have the ability to empathize and connect with others on an emotional level. You should consider yourself lucky to have this ability. It is better to be sad sometimes than to have no emotion at all. Being sad just means you can be joyful when the time comes.

  1. Die hard 1:

I know that we are all probably thankful for this masterpiece anyway, but it needs to get a shout out! It is the greatest action film ever, and as a bonus, you can watch it with your girlfriend and she will like it! Trust me I have tried. I am single now, but I don’t think it is related to Die Hard in any way!

  1. Being let go from a bad job:

You see many people around that are miserable in their current jobs. They are too afraid to quit and make that leap into the unknown. They are tucked in the false sense of financial security, and they think that this justifies their unhappiness. Sometimes being let go is a blessing in disguise, as you are free to pursue your true interests and passion.

  1. Delay:

Amazing things are worth waiting for. Just think how exciting it is to plan out an exotic vacation after an eternity of being stuck in the office. You know that at the end of the road there is an amazing trip waiting for you to experience it and enjoy it. It will keep you motivated and it will keep you going until it’s time to pack your bags.

  1. Missed opportunities:

Each of us has a few missed opportunities that they regret not pursuing. Maybe you missed your chance on an exciting new business venture, or maybe you just didn’t muster up the courage to approach that cute girl that smiled at you. You know that you are thinking about how stupid it was not to chase this, so next time when you recognize something that could be great you will definitely go for it!

  1. When they are out of your favorite donuts at the bakery:

Hey, you said it yourself, you wanted to eat healthier. We all know that the work day is more bearable when it starts with a cup of coffee and a delicious treat, but your stomach and blood sugar levels will be grateful for this blessing in disguise. Try and opt for a healthier alternative instead!

  1. First job after college:

It usually totally sucks and you hate it. Just always keep in mind that it is an investment in something better that will come after. It is a stop on the journey towards the job you want to have.

  1. Diet:

We know it’s hard, we know you hate it, but stick to it. Everyone that has gone through a diet can testify how satisfying it is to accomplish something by yourself and for yourself. Nobody can do it instead of you.

  1. Tech malfunctioning:

Today, we are all addicted to our technology. When was the last time you went anywhere without your phone? All people in a larger group seem to do now-and-days is stare at their screens. Don’t despair if your phone or tablet breaks for a day or two. Instead, go out have a hike, fly a kite, do all those wonderful things we all used to do but are kind of forgetting now.

  1. This very moment:

I know there are a lot of us currently going through tough times. It seems that the world is dark around us and there is nothing we can be happy or grateful for. But be thankful, life is wonderful and the hard times just make us appreciate the good times even more. Keep your chin up because as Rocky said: “It`s not how hard you can hit, it`s how hard you can get hit and still keep going”. Words to live by. Good times are coming and the hardships will just be a memory. Eventually they will turn into a good story about how to overcame everything.

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