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11 Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity

Today’s world is all about productivity. You’re expected to be productive at work, then come home and productively finish your chores around the house. We’re expected to be productive at everything, but often we cannot manage everything we have on our “to-do” list. And this makes us feel dissatisfied with our performance and life in general.

Often, when we fail to be productive, we blame ourselves for that. But hold on! You’re not the only reason you could lose your motivation to push harder. There are so many factors, such as your colleagues chattering near your work station, constant buzzing of your phone or your boss giving you multiple tasks at once.

There’s no doubt that the environment you work in influences your productivity. And as some studies have found out, employees are more productive working from home, some companies have started to adopt the policy of allowing remote work.

But if your employer is against this idea and considers working in the office the only way work could possibly be done, then you need to learn how to manage your productivity in the noisy office environment.

Here are 11 habits you can adopt to boost your productivity.

  1. Keep your workplace clean and tidy

Did you know that keeping your workplace nice and tidy will help you stay productive 1.5 times longer? The pile of documents, folders and files will only remind you of tasks you haven’t finished yet. You’ll feel lost about what to begin with and lose your productivity and motivation at once!

Instead, try to place only those things which you need for a particular task. Try to stop multitasking and do one thing at a time. Besides, there are so many cool ways to organize your workplace that will definitely put you into productive mood!

  1. Work smarter, not harder

John Pencavel, an economics professor at Stanford University, US, has conducted a study, in which he found out surprising facts: employees, who work 56 hours per week are as productive, as those working 70 hours per week.

Yes, you’ve read it right: you can work less and still be productive. So before your working day starts, sit down and make a list of your tasks for the day. Try not to overwork!

  1. Prioritize

Making a list of priorities is one of the major steps to become productive. So single out your main goals and priorities before you start working.

But remember: prioritizing is closely connected with effective time management. Did you know that the most famous musicians in the world spend only 90 minutes working hard on their skills? It turns out that 90 minutes is more than enough to make huge progress. Manage your time smarter!

  1. Don’t forget to take a break

What if somebody told you that you can nap at workplace? Yes, it may sound hilarious. But why not to spend 15 minutes of your lunch break on relaxing a little bit?

What is the secret of napping at work  that will help you stay productive? A light sleep for 15 to 30 minutes will definitely refresh you. Besides it will help you to reduce stress and make you less susceptible to stress factors. And nothing kills productivity faster than being frustrated at work!

  1. Planning is the key!

And can be so fun! Nowadays there are so many ways to turn planning into a creative process! Not only can it be practical and will keep you productive, but it can also be a way of expressing your creativity!

Besides, there’s so much inspiration online! If you haven’t got time to do it yourself, you can search for planning ideas online. There so many “to-do” lists and infographics, even for the most demandable viewer.

Also, try to make your meetings as organized as possible. If your meetings often last longer than needed, try setting a timer for the time needed, and when the alarm goes off, end the meeting. This way you won’t waste time and use it for other necessary tasks.

  1. Sleep tight

A good refreshing sleep is the cure for everything. But what if someone told you that this could cure your poor productivity?

People, who sleep less than 7 hours a night, tend to take more sick days. A good night’s sleep is a booster of good mood, motivation and productivity. There are several must-do rituals before going to sleep that will help you rest. Remember that a good rest is crucial for staying productive and motivated!

  1. Use natural lighting!

Nothing will keep you more motivated to work, than locating your work station closer to windows! Still worried that it won’t help? People, whose workplace is closer to windows, are 12% more productive! Besides, it will benefit your memory and metal function. So don’t hesitate, move your table closer to the window and enjoy a productive day!

  1. Battle procrastination

Noisy colleagues, browsing through the Internet, social media and many more are in the huge list of productivity killers. And overcoming them is not easy unless you have a mental picture of your goals in your head. Remember that staying determined about achieving something will bring you to success. So say “No” to your co-workers who try to distract you from doing your job.

  1. Turn off your phone

Did you know that your phone is the biggest trigger of procrastination? Event when you put it on silent mode, the vibration will still get you distracted. So if you have urgent tasks to do, isn’t that a good reason to turn off your phone? That phone call probably is not that serious or urgent, but if you answer it, you’ll never get your productivity back!

  1. Stay positive

To create and maintain the productive mood not only for yourself, but for others too, always stay positive. So keep your attitude calm and positive, it will definitely help you perform better!

And if you’re unhappy because of some failures, remember that failure is just another step to success. It’s a great life lesson. Use it, turn it into an advantage and move on!

  1. Exercise

The positive effect of exercise on our body and mind was proven long ago. It helps us recharge, refresh our mind. It has so many advantages for our mental and physical health!

The best plus of exercising in terms of becoming more productive is that exercise helps us focus. Moreover, it makes us less susceptible to stress factors and creates a positive mindset. A 20-minute workout a day is a great booster for productivity!

On top of that, eating healthy food is another productivity booster. Vitamins and minerals nourish and de-stress our body to keep it healthy. And when our body is satisfied with what we put in it, it instantly fires back with good mood, motivation, and productivity.

The Bottom Line

So why leave healthy lifestyle for later? There’s absolutely no need to do that, especially when you know how it can benefit your work life. So if you’re determined to reach your goals and build a career, stick to a healthy lifestyle, and you will definitely turn into a productivity machine!

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