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Why a Self-Employed Career Can Be More Successful than an Office Clerk

There are many business owners today, but not many of them have the mindset of an entrepreneur. The true entrepreneurs have a passion for something and turn that passion into money earned. They are always looking to learn new things, are intelligent, and are curious about a lot of different things.

Why a Self-Employed Career Can Make You More Successful

Being self-employed means there is no boss controlling every move, and this might be one of the strongest reasons to take this step. It’s part of the dream to live life as one pleases and escaping from the daily rat race. Entrepreneurs are the ones who decide exactly how the work will be done. The only other person that has power in this situation is the client. But when the work is finished, their power ends.

Self-employed people earn about 45% more than people who are employees. Entrepreneurs can benefit from expenses of their business allowing them to keep more of the profits. There should be no reason not to make more than those employed.  And there is more money and time saved especially if the work is done from home. There’s no money spent on gas, lunch, or child care. And the time saved from commuting can really mount up.

There’s no dress code for entrepreneurs meaning they can wear whatever they want.  A lot of time is saved by not having to get ready for work.  And more money is saved because there’s not as much need for buying the latest styles in clothing.

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The work will constantly be changing and evolving, and self-employed people will need to be continually learning. Their skills will need to be updated periodically while they continue to learn and adapt. Every client brings a new challenge and being creative is a must.  But guess what? It’s all well worth it because of the pride of ownership. Is there an entrepreneur in you?  In this field, variety is the spice of life.

The drama, that’s prominent in the workforce, disappears and what remains is a calm and serene atmosphere. There’s no loud music, talking, multiple phones ringing, etc. If friends were made before this transition, they wll probably remain friends. And, who cares about the others?

When a person is employed, whoever shows up at the company has to be served. It doesn’t matter what the client is like, the job has to be done. They could be loud, obnoxious people or a mother with screaming kids. But it doesn’t matter because they are customers and must be served. Being entrepreneurs, the table turns, and the client is chosen by you!

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If entrepreneurs need a piece of equipment, office supplies, or an IT person, they either call someone or go the store and buy it. It’s done, and they can get back to work. The average employee could wait for days or weeks before receiving what they need.

Self-employed people have their own workplace where they can to do exactly what they want. It can be decorated in any manner, contain multiple tech devices, be painted any color, and decorated in any way desired. There are no regulations so that one can decorate to their heart’s content. Check out some great office decorating ideas on the web.

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Entrepreneurs are no longer just a part of the workforce but are individuals with a high value.  They decide on their own value and get all of the credit for the work that’s done. Through the efforts of an excellent marketing strategy, name recognition is received. This recognition will come from clients, referrals, and even strangers.

A final word: A lot of people have considered getting out of the workforce and, the truth be told, choosing to be an entrepreneur is an incredible choice to make.  Of course, everybody has their dull moments and wants to put off things that should be done.

But it’s a different story for entrepreneurs as these same moments come less often, if at all.  Most entrepreneurs today are keen to begin work each day and to achieve all of their goals.

Entrepreneurs create new products, provide services, or find results to problems that will be of value to others.  If this is of interest and sounds good, there’s a fantastic future in becoming one of the self-employed.

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