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Answer This Question To Find Your Life Purpose

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

It’s Saturday. You wake up and it’s 1 pm… You are heading to the kitchen to make a double cappuccino because the last night you were drinking till the down and you need the caffeine to wake you up.

You have only one and a half days to rest before returning to your job on Monday. But you are happy because it’s finally Saturday. You have one and a half day of relaxation before another nightmarish and exhausting week so you take your coffee and sit on your couch.

You turn on the TV and watch some movies, then you order some burgers and fries from the local fast food and start scrolling your Facebook timeline as you waiting are for the delivery.

The afternoon you go to your buddy’s house to watch football and drink some beers. You come back home and go to sleep.

This scenario is repeated on Sunday with a minor tweaks. Then it’s Monday again…shit, you have to wake up at 8am, go to a place that you hate and spend half of your day there.

But What’s Your Purpose?

If you felt that the above story relates to you then you lack of a purpose in your life. You hate what you do but you continue the same way of living even if it’s destroying your soul day after day.

So why do you keep doing it?

Because of obligation.
You have a family to feed and no other way to make ends meet. You need to work at a disgusting job that makes you sick of yourself.

  Because you are afraid to follow your own dreams.
You can’t stand the criticism of taking your own path in life. So you force yourself to take a predetermined road that others set up for you.

You follow the path that society tells you that you have to follow if you want to be respectable and successful.

You see other people acting the same way, following the same path and you assume that it’s acceptable as long as other people do it as.

They might now something right? However you still can’t understand why you wake up feeling sick of yourself.

• Maybe because you don’t even know what you want.

How would it be possible to know what path is right for you before you even passed your twenties? Even if you feel that you know what you want you fall into the second trap and give it up because of fear.

Then you don’t have a fucking clue about what you should do. So what’s the best option?

The option which guarantees the most money. You sell your soul to the devil in exchange for a huge paycheck. No, money is not evil but you arbitrarily assume that more money will make you look more “cool”.

Unfortunately, you end up being more miserable.

The 10 Million Dollar Question That Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Before I tell you the 10 million dollar question you have to understand why it’s important to have a mission in your life.

Without a mission, you are a nobody. You have no reason to improve yourself because you simply exist. You just walk your life like a robot which doesn’t take its own decisions. A robot programmed to act in a certain way.

You become a cog in the wheel.

If you are breathing it doesn’t mean that you are really alive. You have to discover your purpose if you want to give your life a meaning.

Ask yourself: Is that really what I want in my life?

No, it’s not that question. The answer in the question above could be a disgusting lie to yourself.
But let me ask you something else.

Forget your financial insecurities. Let’s assume that you have 10 million dollars in the bank. What would you do then?

Check out some possible options:

• You would spend the next year in a beach in Bahamas.

• You would buy a new house, car and fulfill your materialistic needs.

• You would do nothing for a year except sleeping, fucking and partying.

• All the above.

But what would come after that? What would you do after an extended period of rest, partying, shopping and traveling?

How much time could you live the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle before getting bored of your own life?
You might think that you could never get bored if you had all these riches. That’s a lie. You would get bored, 100%.

Why do you think so many rich people are miserable? Most of these rich miserable people are the ones who have inherited their huge fortunes.

They don’t have a purpose, just paper to spend.

When you don’t have a purpose you feel empty. Sure, it might be fan for a while but after 1-2 years (or less) you would get sick of your own life. You would feel the same misery with an average man working on an average job even if you have all these riches.

The fact is that almost everything like going to school, college or working is done because we want to make money.

As a result, we get compromised with doing things we don’t love. Things that make us sick, like working on a soul-crushing job or trying to get a degree in a field that we aren’t even interested in.

But you do it because you have to survive. You give up on your dreams because you have to survive and make ends meet.

But what would you do if you didn’t care about money at all? What would you do if you had 10 millions in the bank?

Beyond fucking, sleeping and partying you would have to find something that could fulfill you. You would find your passion and you could have all the money you need to support you to fully commit to your dream.

You would be FREE to live your life and follow your passion.

What would you do if you had 10 million in the bank? If you never had to care about money anymore?

Would you do X? Then X is what you HAVE to do in your life if you want to be truly happy.

X is your life’s purpose!

Only when you remove the money insecurity, you can truly listen to your heart. You can discover your mission, what really matters for you.

If you are not sure about the path you are following in your life then ask yourself: “would I follow the same path if I had 10 millions in the bank?”

If the answer is YES then keep doing what you are doing. Otherwise stop it right now or you will regret it in the future.  Repressed emotions will be too much for you to handle, they will beat you to the ground.

Stop what you are doing right now, no matter the consequences, and start following X.

Because X is your purpose, X is your mission. Without X you will never be completely fulfilled.

You will never be free, you will be just another cog in the system’s wheel, a robot programmed to wake up the same time every day doing nothing more than simply existing.

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