Furious – Greatest Motivational Video ft. Les Brown

This article was last updated on August 3, 2015

This is probably one of my best videos yet. I put a lot of work and thoughts into creating this video and the results have been just amazing. Furious has passed 25 000 views in such a short amount of time. This is why today I am sharing it with our readers, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Furious  – Motivational Video – The video got deleted from Youtube. Resolving this shortly. It seems that I had to rename the video and re-upload it..


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The movies I have used are Seven Pounds with Will Smith, Fighting with Channing Tatum and few advertisements including NBA star Kevin Garnett. The speakers are Les Brown, Eric Thomas and Eliott Hulse.

Favourite quotes from the video:

If you don’t develop the courage to do that which has been given you to do and you spend a lot of time going around trying to convince other people, trying to get their approval.. What will happen is that you will lose your nerve and other people will convince you that what you are doing doesn’t have any value and you will give up on your dream…

We go through life trying to seek security and not coming out of our comfort zone and we take most of our stuff with us to the grave. In life you are either here today and you are gone today. And I am saying the fact that you are still here, that you are still breathing, you’ve got some more work and you owe it to yourself, you owe it to yourself, so when you get up in the morning that you can look up yourself in the face and say – Hey, I am living my life on my terms.

One idea can change your life… One idea can turn your life around.

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