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Bybit And Ola Wealth Partnership Announced – What It Means?

On the 18th of October, Ola Wealth announced its new partnership with Bybit – the crypto exchange well-known for requiring a considerably lesser KYC procedure. However, what does that mean for the regular Bybit investor and how will it affect the process of trading on the platform? Let’s look into how that will affect users, after which we will talk more about Ola Wealth and Bybit in short.

How Does Ola Wealth & Bybit Partnership Affect Users?

Ola Wealth first reported its partnership with Bybit through its official website and Twitter account on the 18th of October.

This means that Bybit users will now be able to experience the full set of tools Ola has to offer through its application. It will introduce new investors to the crypto space while also helping them navigate, manage, and construct an investment plan.

The app is renowned for sending real-time signals by full-time traders, whale indicators (those that sell a big number of assets in a single trade), and has a range of automated tracking bots, helping you get insight on big crypto movements and overall data.

What is Ola Wealth?

Ola is essentially a mobile application and an AI that helps you manage your crypto portfolio, learns what your goals are, calculates and informs you what’s possible, sends you investment signals, and more. Overall, this application will be your best friend, especially if you are new to investing or just need a little reassurance about certain trades.

Following that, Ola rewards signal providers and you for making healthy investment decisions and community engagement.

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What is Bybit?

Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge trading tools. It offers excellent security and a promise of no downtime. It also is quite popular for being one of the few anonymous-driven crypto exchanges, which means it also requires lesser KYC procedures compared to other exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

Sadly, at the moment, it is not offered in the United States.

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