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4 Steps To Instantly Transform Any Situation In Your Life

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

If you’re ever had that feeling that you could DO BETTER (in your own definition) or you WANTED to accomplish more, then this will be a great article for you. I’m about to expose some of the ugly parts of my life that I don’t normally talk about.

In reading this article you’re going to discover how I managed to bounce myself back after suffering a horrible defeat that nearly robbed me of my joy. After reading this article you’ll know what happened to take away my joy but also 4 very specific steps that anyone can use to instantly regain joy and start seeing progress in life literally on DEMAND. See Also (How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities In Your Life)

So what EXACTLY happened and How Does that Benefit you today?

Well, let me share with you a story.
I’m Anthony Henderson

Back In September of 2013 my business took a major hit.
I went from riding high to walking through quick sand again.
In actuality I’d just reached a level where my bank account was several thousand dollars on TOP.
And instantly due to a single mistake I was a few thousand dollars negative.

As a result, I ended up being very unmotivated to do much of anything. I was embarrassed and felt horrible.

I kind of tucked my head and acted like everything would smooth itself out over time.
But things would not get better until I decided to put an effort forth to make them better. See also (15 Things You Need To Stop Doing)

At the time I started eating badly. (FAST FOOD)

I used FAST FOOD as comfort to help me look past the real issue at hand.

Needless to say, my physical health was off track along with my business and…

…I got chubby.


I kept getting compliments from girls so I was like “it’s cool” but eventually it started to be off balance.

What I mean is, the compliments did not match my personal feeling. Because I knew I could be better.

I knew I had BEEN BETTER.

From September through New Years I was on a roller coaster of started to work out, stopping, then starting again.

This was the same in my business, starting to work, getting burned out and then stopping again.

All the while I felt like I was in a hole reaching for twigs and trying my Absolute BEST get back on top.
I knew leading up to the New Year that I was approaching a moment of truth.

I’m not sure about you but it’s an extremely sensitive and vulnerable time for me.

I decided not to go out for New Years and to spend some time chilling and thinking about what I REALLY WANT.

I came up with some answers.

I REALLY want to be the best me that I can be.

I REALLY want to be in shape all the time.

I REALLY want peace of mind.

I REALLY want to experience progress on a daily basis.


So What would it take?

It would take finding my inner champion.

So I decided to recommit myself.

Transformation, Anthony Henderson, Body transformation, losing weight

Since that decision on New Years, I’ve dropped 15 pounds and feel way more energized on a daily basis.

The inner champion that I found in the gym also spilled over into my business.

In the past 7 days I’ve sold my eBook to hundreds of people in over 6 countries.

I’ve started to see more and more progress and it continues to happen each day.


I tell this story and show pictures of results as a way to show that the 4 steps I’m about to outline for you REALLY work if you WANT them to work.

Now, what are the 4 specific steps that I took that made a difference?

4 Steps To Instantly Transform Any Situation In Your Life


#1 – Forgiveness

This may seem a little out of the ordinary but its 100% HONEST and REAL. I had to make the conscious decision to forgive myself. I’d made a mistake and I was holding onto the mistake instead of Learning the lesson and moving forward. As an Entrepreneur’s and a people with a dreams it’s our JOB to try things out and move forward no matter what!

The toughest part for me was quieting the voice inside that says, you failed and you’re a failure.

Here is some advice:

Failure is a VERB: It’s an action or occurrence.

Humans are nouns: Person place or a thing.

There is no way that a person can ever be a failure.

We simply try things and learn from them


So, If you’re an Entrepreneur or a Dreamer then go ahead and try EVERYTHING you can think of that will move you towards your goal. If you make a mistake it’s OK. Accept the mistake and keep moving forward.


The next thing I had to do was ACCEPT where I was and be OK with the process of moving forward again. See, the dip from high to low for me came so fast that it created RESENTMENT in me. I wanted MY SUCCESS back! But Life has a way of teaching us the hard lesson’s sometimes. As I was sitting in my house on New Years I made a decision to RELEASE the Past and Accept the future.

What does that mean?

That means that I knew I was back on the bottom again and I’d have to start my climb to the top.

So, I decided to ACCEPT my position. I decided to be OK with the journey again.

If you’ve ever gotten knocked down or you feel knocked down, understand that it’s ok to be down. It’s just NOT ok to stay down. Set a time and date that you will stand up and start moving forward again.


Get Crystal Clear!

Moving forward, the third step to making a change in your life or any circumstance is to get clear.

I mean crystal clear. I had to decide what I wanted and how that would look for me when I had it. I decided not only that I wanted to be in better shape but that I wanted to be back to 189 pounds and have my 6 pack showing.

I decided that I wanted to sell 2 copies of my eBook every day.

I decided that I wanted to make progress quickly in the morning.

I decided to make a plan to achieve those things.

So, if you want to move forward in life, take a moment and get clear with yourself to determine what EXACTLY does looking forward for you look like.


For me it meant working out first thing in the morning and marketing during the early afternoon into the evening.



This is the last and final step. Nothing in life changes if nothing in life changes. That’s a bit of a riddle but I’m saying that if you don’t change what you’re actually DOING, then you won’t ever see progress. Once you follow steps 1-3 and REALLY get REAL with yourself on them then this is the final step to create a Break Through.

Hear this, All of the results we have in life, no matter if it’s our physical appearance, energy in our body, money in our bank account, material possessions, etc. All of that stuff is a Tangible result that we can only achieve through taking ACTION.

It’s the HOLY GRAIL of achievement.

In conclusion:

So, in wrapping up this article I’d like to say that if you open yourself up to these ideas and try them for yourself, then I promise you’ll see vast amounts of improvement in your life. You’ll be able to accomplish anything and transform any situation that you find yourself in. You now have a MASTER key to achievement.

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