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10 Powerful Mantras for Those That Have Lost Motivation

In everyone’s life, there comes a point when nothing works out. That’s when giving up seems easy and essentially becomes the only left option. At that phase in life, what one needs the most is a good piece of advice. People need motivation to gear up their enthusiasm in order to succeed.

Here are some good old mantras for when you have lost motivation:

  1. Body

Today, living in the world where everyone is running for their dreams and competition drives us all crazy is sometimes frustrating and de-motivating. Whether one have tacked the motivational posters to the office cubicle, or one might love channeling Lady Gaga’s secret to happiness but some days one just need a laconic motivational mantras to turn frown upside down. Here are few most-inspiring and life mantras-

  1. Choose your Friends wisely

The people with whom one spends the maximum time will have biggest influence on our lives. Hence we must choose our company wisely. Hanging out with the ones who are gossiping and complaining about their circumstances will do nothing good, but spending time with people who push each other to improve and achieve their goals are likely to improve their attitude towards life and will surely motivate.

  1. Let go of things

Life is a balance of pleasant and unpleasant things. One should know how to move on from things which no longer matter in their life or are not worth wasting time. Continuous efforts to get things which are impossible will only bring de-motivaton and sadness in life.

  1. Add life to days, not days to life

For a second we must pause our busy lives and ask ourselves “Are we really living our lives?” because we are not. We have just become a part of rat race where we all are striving hard to earn our meals and live a lavish live leaving behind the life which we all should cherish. One of most important successful mantra which successful leaders adopt is giving a break to their life and do things that will make life worth living tomorrow.

  1. Embrace the process, step by step

Nothing is achieved in a day; it takes years to fulfill a wish. If one wants to work on a specific salary, or visit a specific number of countries, he or she must know that it takes time to achieve the goals.  Goals are essential to give direction to the life but what is more important is that goals are the steps which must be followed on a regular basis to turn the dreams into reality.

  1. Appreciate yourself

One must always remember that the only person who can stop one from achieving his or dreams is the person himself. No matter how many excuses we make but no one can run from this reality.  Always try to stay positive and appreciate what you get. Whenever, you feel like the world is against you, remember it is always you versus you in reality.

  1. Be a warrior, not a worrier

Mantras and hymns are always legendary and great, hence can’t be forgotten that easily. We can easy feel connected to Spartans and Vikings because they were the creators of history. They were the warriors who taught us to the relevance of rusty armour. They were not hindered by their fears. Hence , instead of panicking , one must learn to fight.

  1. Be ready to face the challenges

If one has taken the responsibility for something, he must be ready to face the challenges.  Always opt for the door knowing the fact that obstacles are waiting for you on the other side. Challenges are the part of the process and struggles can strengthen you a level up.

  1. Find a way, or make one

One should not get de-motivated by the problems in life rather his main goal must be to focus on solutions instead of the problems. It is easy to stuck and complain when time hit hard on you, but one should move on and take action to move forward.

  1. Read success stories of successful entrepreneurs

The success stories of great entrepreneurs will not only motivate you but their stories can also provide you with the solutions of various problems and can train you to face the upcoming problems. For instance, people who are struggling to set their business out of their country can get inspiration from the achievements of Atul Gupta, an Indian-Born South African businessman who started his business with Sahara Computers but today his business has taken over almost all the big industries of the country and is still stretching its arms to other parts of the country.

When you feel that nothing is going the right way, sit back, relax and repeat these mantras to get yourself back on the track. These mantras will help in resetting the brain when it becomes impossible to keep moving through the struggle.

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