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differences between the rich and the poor

(Infographic) 5 colossal differences between the rich and the poor

Differences between the rich and the poor I have seen so many people asking “Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” – and today I have decided to create an infographic about it. And I have decided to show you 5 biggest differences between the rich and the poor. So why …

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Self made billionaires photo

5 Self Made Billionaires That Started from Nothing

Self Made Billionaires That Started from Nothing When it’s spoken about billionaires in today’s world, what most of us think is that they were rich before they became billionaires, that they were lucky and had a good education, but that’s not really the case, 80 % of the billionaires are self-made – I will show …

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how winners are made

(Video) How winners are made!

Videos sometimes can provide the motivation we need that little push up to get us back on track, and I think that’s one of the videos that can provide that motivation. It’s one of my favorite videos as I really believe the words spoken in. Life is tough – that’s a given. When you are …

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(Video) Dear Hard work!

Why hard work is so important? There is times when people wonder what’s the secret of success and it’s pretty simple it’s just pure hard work, the one who works the hardest, that wants more than others and is willing to give more than others is the one who finds the road of success. Hard …

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Top 10 If excuses for being unsuccessful

Top 10 If Excuses For Being Unsuccessful

Top 10 If Excuses for Being Unsuccessful   Many people blame their unsuccess, on fate or the government, or their family, or their friends, or their education. And that’s the biggest reason those people are unsuccessful, because the only one you can blame for your unsuccess is yourself. Like we can’t change the situation we were …

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(Video) Dare to dream…

Do you have a dream? Do you think it’s impossible? Do you think you can never achieve it? Then let me prove you wrong, every dream can be achieved, we have dreams and they become real when we set them up as goals. But not many of us are willing to chase them… DARE TO …

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why am I not successful, success, unsucessful, image, quote, blq blq

Why am I not Successful?

Why am I not Successful? How many times have you heard the question – Why am I not successful  or asked yourself ? Is it really hard to be successful, yes it is and it takes time. Most of the people don’t try to be successful and that’s good, because that means if you want …

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Why do we fall from youtube video Why do we Fall

(Video) Why Do We Fall?

Today I decided to share one of the videos that I watch every day. This is one of the most famous motivational videos in youtube and the reason is; it’s indeed one of the best motivational videos.The speeches are just electrifying. Check it out guys! Why do we fall ? Make a choice, just decide …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Posing

(Video) Get Results!

Most people have some wrong understanding about failing.. People tend to think that they are the only ones who fail, the only ones that have a hard time but this video will prove you exactly the opposite. Get Results video is made by a friend of mine and it has become really popular in youtube …

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